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As with any destination wedding, your ideas, day and location are unique to you and your wedding!  Your photography should be too! As a destination wedding photographer, I am not only privileged to photograph your wedding day; I also acknowledge that it is an amazing opportunity to travel with you on such a momentous occasion.  You deserve someone who is thrilled to be there and dedicated to taking the best images possible.


Take it from me, I know how crazy busy planning a wedding from afar is.  Your photographer should not be added to that stress.  Your destination wedding is my pleasure.  Your package is custom tailored.  You need me, someone who is trained to immediately see an image in any new surrounding and deliver on that promise.  I am comfortable in new places and always can see the beauty in a location, cardboard box to grand palace ballroom, I know how to make you look amazing in a shot. Below are some ideas and options you can use as a starting point for your custom wedding coverage requests.

Now, are you ready for the AMAZING part?  You can have me, a seasoned professional with amazing quality images, for the cost of travel alone!  Yep, you read that right.  Shooting your wedding is my privilege and going on this adventure with you will be grand.  I will create a custom quote for airfare, hotel ( the same one you are staying at is required) and ground transportation (car rental or if public transportation is a viable option).  I secure my travel as soon as your contract is signed, in my hands and your non-refundable travel quote is paid.  Your travel fee is non-refundable due to the fact that I will be providing my wedding coverage services gratis for the duration of the trip pending the details of your commission.  This includes coverage of events agreed upon in the commission contract terms and one online gallery for viewing your images from your commissioned events.  A custom USB containing the images from your event will be delivered after all events are covered and your balance is in good standing (pending any print, canvas or album purchases).  I know that is a little wordy, so please contact me and we can go over what all that means!  It's easy peasy!

Meals are required to be covered by you only when a photographed event falls over a natural meal time (example, wedding day dinner).  I will also love you forever if you seat me (and my second shooter if applicable) at a corner table and feed me a meal instead of a soggy vendor sandwich!  This allows me to be present for anything that may happen and be photographed.  I will not miss a moment of your day if I do not have to hide in a vendor dungeon!

As promised, some ideas for coverage based on past destinations, we will touch base and commission a package that meets all your needs:

Engagement Coverage

This session can come on the same trip as your wedding, a day or two prior - or a completely different day with above travel rules applying.  When included on your wedding trip, the primary photographer will fly in the day prior to your engagement session and stay until the day after your wedding.  You will be responsible for the hotel stay during the duration.

Full Wedding Day Coverage Only

Requirement: I fly in the night prior and stay until the day after the wedding. 

Rehearsal Coverage, Full Wedding Day

Requirement: Primary photographer to fly in the night prior to rehearsal and stay until the day after the wedding.

Grand Adventure Coverage

Requirement: Primary photographer to fly in the day prior to any events planned for you and your guests and leave the day following the last event.  This coverage allows me to be your wedding trip paparazzi.  I cover every event from a spa day to a guy's outing.  If your events fall concurrent, a second photographer is available for an additional fee of airfare coverage.  

Second Photographer Requirements

As stated above, a second photographer may be included in your package for a fee of airfare for the second, paid a minimum of two months PRIOR to your destination wedding.  This will allow for the primary (me) to secure a trustworthy and dedicated photographer to cover your events in combination with myself.

** All non-refundable travel fees are due TWO MONTHS prior to the first day of travel for the primary photographer. **

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