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Leaving A Visual Legacy

I often speak of being a professional photographer in terms that everyone can easily comprehend. Daily, my job is put under a microscope by potential clients such as yourself, seeking the best images for the smallest amount of money possible. I have been in your position, seeking budget friendly yet amazing quality images to document life's most precious moments. Please don’t think of me as jaded or preaching, as there are exceptions to this constant barrage of "send me your pricing" emails.

Often, I sit down at my never ending inbox and remind brides that wedding photographs are the only a professional visual representation of their day. They portray a story for generations to come. Sitting in the back of a dimly lit conference room at yet another industry convention, the faint smell of smoke and last night’s party in the air, I soak up the words of a fellow peer in the industry. Just a few hours prior, it had been me standing on that podium. I was the one spouting off words of wisdom about blogging this or Instagram that. Little pearls of wisdom on how to be authentic when speaking to your clients. It is in this authentication that I am so passionately driven and devoutly grounded.

This marriage of commitment to being authentic and producing your wedding day in such a way that it provides you with a visual story line are what set me apart from others you will speak to.  Wedding images provide a visual legacy for generations to come. Without a well taught and experienced wedding photographer like myself, you still have memories. Those that fade over time. In 50 years, you have a dress with pin-pricked holes and the wafting smell of the mothballs that tried effortlessly to preserve it’s once crisp, pristine condition. The cake is long gone, the band has gone home, the flowers are brown and withered from their former glory. It is the images, that make weddings timeless, immortal.

A great photographer can tell a visual story line that can make anyone feel as if they alone were a participant in the event.  This comment is one I routinely get from my couples as they sit with their new spouse two to three weeks post wedding and scroll through their proofing gallery. It is through lighting and composition that a photographer has the ability to put a viewer into the frame. They can elicit a feeling or emotion just by how light or dark an image is. Her keen and quick eye seeing a moment that a father of a bride thought was not caught by others. This image later reminds a bride that the first man she ever truly loves is her father. Allowing her to relive that precious moment from her wedding day.

It is this very point I struggle with each day when expressing to clients that while a budget is valid, they should never undervalue the ability of a photographer, worth their salt, to tell their story. One they will never forget. Those flowers, painstakingly preserved by an image that has not only a click of a shutter but hours of learning, experience and perfection behind the lens. That perfectionist is me. If you hire a photographer with a passion for their work and a solid educated background with time served in the industry, you will have a brilliant storybook to share. Dollar signs and hesitations from clients will disappear. You will leave a visual legacy that your grandchildren and so on will thank you for. Providing a glimpse into their history as if they were present. This I believe.

** I am no longer taking new clients, but I believe you should find a photographer who is passionate enough to lay it all on the line.  Feel free to contact me if you would like me to refer you to a photographer with a smiliar mindset and style. **

If you do too, please contact me via the Inquire tab or call 502.533.9636 for more information.

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